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LurnIndia is where technology and learning join hands to deliver online education and information to anyone with an Internet connection anywhere in the world.

Welcome! Lurn India is the India branch of Lurn, Inc., a company dedicated to opening the doors to prosperity and entrepreneurship through online business education and the technologies that make it possible. Step inside to learn more about our exciting plans to empower people everywhere to create their own profitable and sustainable web-based businesses.


At LurnIndia we believe that technology should be the fuel that powers online training and education systems. Our goal is to develop technology that operates so seamlessly, elegantly and reliably that you never notice it. While our technology solutions are state of the art, they are there for one reason only: to make the excitement of learning in a digital environment a positive and successful experience.


At LurnIndia we pride ourselves on providing world class, customer-centric support. We believe it is not enough to merely answer the customer's query; we must treat him or her as a valued member of a community of learners. To meet this goal, our support teams constantly strive to go far beyond speed of execution, and to project warmth and friendliness throughout each support interaction.

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