Our Mission

Lurn envisions a world where we open the doors to personal and social prosperity through the Internet.

Our mission is to develop online education technologies that enable anyone with Internet access, anywhere in the world, to live a life of abundance and freedom.

We do this by offering trustworthy, affordable online courses that empower people in creating profitable and sustainable web-based businesses.

About the Company


Lurn, Inc. began as Affiliate Classroom, founded in 2004 by the company's CEO, Anik Singal. While still a student at the University of Maryland, Anik began to experiment with Internet marketing in his spare time. He quickly realized there was a demand for organized and trustworthy training in best practices -- the type of training that would help online marketers grow a long-term, sustainable online business. To meet this need, Anik founded Affiliate Classroom, Inc. with just $100 in seed money.

Since 2004, Affiliate Classroom has introduced a wide variety of innovative educational products to the pay-per-performance industry, setting the standard for the training of both work-at-home entrepreneurs and management professionals. Since opening its doors, more than 21,000 students have benefited from Affiliate Classroom's courses and training systems.

Affiliate Classroom is recognized as a leading publisher of educational tools for interactive marketers. The company's growing product suite includes e-learning courses, live seminars, a digital magazine, and online communities for affiliates, merchants and advertisers participating in the affiliate marketing industry.

Our Team

Anik Singal, Founder & CEO

Anik Singal is the Founder and CEO of Affiliate Classroom, Inc. and Lurn, Inc. Anik began as an Internet marketer and affiliate in 2001, and prior to founding Affiliate Classroom, he was a consultant on SEO and online marketing strategy to a wide variety of businesses. Anik is a graduate of the University of Maryland, and has led Affiliate Classroom for the past five years, planning and managing its grown into an e-learning company with 52 employees and more than $3 million in annual revenue.

Under Anik's leadership, Affiliate Classroom has launched a wide variety of gold-standard educational products, including PPC Classroom, Blog Classroom, and AC Certified, the industry's first online certification and job placement program for affiliate program managers. In 2008, Anik Singal was among the top three finalists in Business Week's Top 25 Best Young Entrepreneurs in the U.S.

Richard Ruggiero - Chief Operating Officer

Rich has been working with the company since March of 2006 and currently oversees corporate operations, finance, administration, and human resources. He has held a variety of senior financial and operations positions over three decades, including positions at General Electric, Newbridge Networks, Woodwind Communications, Concert Management Services, and Powerprecise Solutions (recently acquired by Texas Instruments). He holds a BA in Business and Accounting from San Francisco State University and certification from GE's Financial Management Program.

Helen Montgomery - Chief Content Officer, Executive Editor

Helen began working for Affiliate Classroom in 2004. Helen is responsible for the quality and integrity of Affiliate Classroom’s educational offerings, e-learning product development, and training methodology. She determines editorial policy for the company's publications, and oversees the production and maintenance of AC's content collateral. Prior to Affiliate Classroom, Helen spent 15 years in non-profit fund raising management, and owned an editorial and graphic/web design business. Helen holds a degree in English Literature from DePaul University in Chicago.